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Products Two Piece Toilet
 Product Name: T-168 Twyford Hangan Toilet Nigeria
 Model No.: T-168
 Size:mm: 500*360*1000MM
 QTY/Container: 950-1000 SETS/40HC
 Description: soncap to Nigeria market.
 Product Name: T-2040 Washdown Two Pice Toilet
 Model No.: T-2040
 Size:mm: 645*365*800 mm
 Description: 2040 Set wc+basin+bidet
 Product Name: T410 HUIDA-15
 Model No.: T410 HUIDA-15
 Size:mm: 630*385*740mm s-100/250/300 p-180
 QTY/Container: 565 sets/40HC
 Description: POPULAR !!! SIDE button available !
 Product Name: T-2080A Washdown Two Piece Toilet
 Model No.: T-2080A
 Size:mm: 462 Sets/40 HC
 QTY/Container: 700*380*790 MM
 Description: 2080A B C ,WC+Basin +Bidet
 Product Name: T-1688 Africa Big Two Piece Toilet
 Model No.: T-1688 Africa Big Two Piece Toilet
 Size:mm: 640*360*750MM
 QTY/Container: 680 SETS/40HC
 Description: Close Couple Toilet Nigeria market
 Product Name: T-2170A Washdown Two Piece Toilet
 Model No.: T-2170A
 Size:mm: 710*390*765
 QTY/Container: 520 Sets /40 HC
 Product Name: T-2020 Ghana
 Model No.: T-2020 Ghana
 Product Name: T-2099 S-Trap
 Model No.: T-2099
 Size:mm: 500*360*1000MM
 QTY/Container: 950-1000 sets /40HC
 Description: Exported to Ghana since 2013
 Product Name: T-3025 HUIDA 15
 Model No.: T-3025 HUIDA 15
 Size:mm: 680*390*760 MM
 QTY/Container: 550 sets/40HC
 Description: popular !!
 Product Name: T-447 Washdown Two Pice Toilet
 Model No.: T-447
 Size:mm: 670*350*810MM
 QTY/Container: 500 Sets/40HC
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