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MaxCeramic is one of the most Famous Brand in China and Overseas for Bathroom Ceramic Sanitary Wares,invested by MAX INDUSTRY LIMITED.

With Strong Research and Development Team,Maxceramic Mainly design and produce High Quality Ceramic Sanitary Wares as follows:one-piece Toilet,Two-Piece Toilet,Wash Basin,Art Basin,Pedestal Basin,Bidet,Urinal,Mop and bathroom Ceramic Accessories.

pls download the update catalogue and pricelist from follow link.

  Selection Items:
 Product Name: Art Basin D-862,Above Counter Mounting
 Model No.: D-862
 Size: 420x420x145mm
 Description: Vitreous China, Art Basin,Above Counter Mounting
 Product Name: B830
 Model No.: B830
 Size: 700*380*830mm
 Price: 350sets/40HC
 Product Name: B711
 Model No.: B711
 Size: 490*420*780mm
 Price: 970sets/40HC
 Product Name: Vitreous China, Art BasinD-852,Above Counter Mounting
 Model No.: D-852
 Size: Size:460x460x155mm
 Description: Vitreous China, Art Basin,Above Counter Mounting
 Product Name: Art Basin D-846
 Model No.: D-846
 Size: Size:650X430X200mm
 Description: Vitreous China, Art Basin
 Product Name: Art Basin D-833
 Model No.: D-833
 Size: 545X395X180mm
 Description: Vitreous China, Art Basin
 Product Name: Color Glaze Toilet Set105
 Model No.: 105
 Description: Color Glaze Toilet Se
 Product Name: Above Counter Mounti Art Basin D-827
 Model No.: D-827
 Size: Size:420X420X115mm
 Description: Vitreous China, Art Basin,Above Counter Mounting
 Product Name: T-032
 Model No.: T-032
 Size: S-Trap250/300; P-180mm;690*385*745
 Description: S-Trap250/300; P-180mm;690*385*745
 Product Name: WT18 wall-hung toilet
 Model No.: WT18
 Size: 605*400*380mm
 Description: WT18 wall-hung toilet
 Product Name: Art Basin D-899,Above Counter Mounting
 Model No.: D-899
 Size: 600X480X130mm
 Description: Vitreous China, Art Basin,Above Counter Mounting
 Product Name: Bathroom cabinet PVC-7001
 Model No.: Bathroom cabinet PVC-7001
 Size: 1000*500
 Price: 264 usd per set
 Description: 1000*500
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MaxCeramic Ceramic Toilet,wc,one-piece toilet,two piece toilet,Color Glazed toilet,bathroom set,wall hung bidet, pedestal basin,wash basin,art basin,corner wall hung basin,s-trap,p-trap, chaozhou toilet, bathroom Ceramic accessories ceramic Sanitary ware factory,chaoan sanitary ware  

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